Am I Wrong for Not Letting My Buddy Change Our Website?

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Monday, 03 June 2024

The story

So my buddy and I came up with this idea. Well, it was mostly his idea, and he's more knowledgeable in that field than I am. But since I'm a good coder, he needed me to handle the coding part. I bought the domain, and he was supposed to create the website. I gave him the login details, but weeks went by, and the site was untouched. I thought the idea fizzled out, and we both got busy with our own stuff—he had work, and I was traveling.

Months later, I noticed the domain just sitting there. On a whim, I decided to work on the website and bring the idea to life. After months of effort, the site started gaining traction and making sales.

It now brings in a decent monthly income.

Recently, I told my buddy about it because I wanted to involve him in a campaign with a customer and maybe offer a split of the campaign profits. Now he wants to make changes to the website, adjust prices, and add his knowledge to improve it.

I'm feeling conflicted because I put in a lot of effort and went through trial and error to build the business. He argues that it was his idea and his suggestion to buy the domain, which is true.

Am I wrong for not wanting to go along with his changes?

I offered to create a new site with him where we can implement his ideas on pricing and design, but he's insistent on modifying the current site.

Now, I wonder how people would react if this were happening on a reality show. Would they see me as the bad guy, or would they understand my side of the story?

Am I wrong for not wanting to change the current website my buddy and I planned?
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1mo ago

I totally get where ur coming from! You did all the hard work!

1mo ago

Yeah, it seems unfair for him to just step in now.

1mo ago

But he did have the original idea, right?

1mo ago

Idea is useless without doing it dude, try to create a company/product and you will see...

1mo ago

Maybe you should try to compromise. He had the idea, but you did the work. Both sides matter.

Author 1mo ago

I appreciate your perspective on the situation. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant role each party played in the development of the business. While his idea initiated the project, my diligent work and dedication were instrumental in its growth and success. Perhaps a compromise could be reached by combining our strengths and ideas in a new venture, rather than altering the existing one where my efforts have been pivotal. Thank you for your input.

1mo ago

Honestly, he should have done his part from the beginning. It's not fair to demand changes now.

1mo ago

dude just wants the money without the effort. Not cool.

1mo ago

Why not just start a new project together? Seems like a good middle ground.

1mo ago

If it was on a reality show, I bet people would side with you. You did all the legwork!

1mo ago

I think you should let him add his input, but keep control over the site. It's a joint effort.

1mo ago

creating a new site seems fair. That way, you both get what you want.

1mo ago

Maybe he didn't realize how much work it was gonna be. You should have a serious talk.

1mo ago

This sounds like it could be on a show like Shark Tank or something 😂

1mo ago

it appears that your friend exhibits traits of opportunism and entitlement by seeking to modify a successful enterprise that was painstakingly established by yourself. this displays a lack of respect for the arduous efforts put forth in originating the profitable venture. it is reasonable to maintain your autonomy over the project, as you are the prominent contributor to its prosperity. the proposal to execute his ideas on a new platform is a judicious suggestion, and his obstinacy in altering the current site is unwarranted and inconsiderate. oblige his impertinence resistantly to ensure your achievements are preserved. the audacity of his demands is profoundly unsettling and should be managed with unwavering resolve.

1mo ago

your friend's behavior shows a lack of respect for the grind you put in to turn the idea into a thriving business. Stick to your ground and maintain control over the project. It's essential to safeguard your efforts and the success you've achieved. Stand firm and preserve the integrity of your hard work. Your suggestion of a new project to integrate his ideas is a fair compromise. Don't let his overstepping diminish your achievements. Keep pushing forward with the same determination that got you to this point.

1mo ago

it’s absurd to claim full credit after merely buying a domain.

Your friend's idea served as the foundation, making his contributions as significant as yours.

Respecting his input is essential for maintaining a healthy partnership.

Refusing to collaborate on improvements is shortsighted and disrespectful.

Compromise is key in avoiding unnecessary conflict and furthering the success of the business.

Your reluctance to consider his adjustments displays a lack of professionalism.

In the interest of the project's long-term prosperity, embracing his expertise is paramount.

Be open-minded and willing to adapt for the betterment of the business.

28d ago

lol, this situation is messy 🤦‍♂️ It's like your buddy wants to jump on the success train after missing the first few stops - not cool, man.

Stick to your guns, mate. Your efforts built this ship, so sail it your way. It's dodgy to suddenly expect a VIP ticket to the party he missed out on before. Just my two cents.