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Caught Between Family Traditions and Girlfriend's Values

I have a big family that’s incredibly close. We have big family dinners every few months where we all meet at my great grandfather's estate and eat together. Typically, how this works is that the women go cook for the time they’re there and the men don’t, which I am fully aware is sexist as hell. That being said, I am one of the youngest people in the family and my protests mean literally nothing.

Some of those women choose not to cook; however, this is usually met with a level of ostracizing. The women who don’t cook are wives and long-term girlfriends, so they kinda already have a good family relationship established. When I have seen new partners not cook, it’s gone bad. Like completely ostracized, not speaking, cattiness, rudeness, etc.

This dinner will be in two weeks and my girlfriend was asked if she would attend. Initially, she said yes, which is great. I want for her to meet everyone and for everyone to get used to her being around, but when I explained to her the tradition, she was understandably bothered.

I told her that I understood where she was coming from; however, it was best for everyone if she just played along. I told her this isn’t a permanent thing and that I am only asking her to do this so that she can avoid bad treatment from the rest of the family. This is her first impression and I don’t think it’s best if we cause waves.

She told me that it’s unacceptable and that if she has to do that, she will not be going. I’ve tried to find a compromise with her on this, but she won’t budge and she’s pissed at me. She told me that if I think it’s acceptable to make her do this, I’m just as bad as everyone else, while my point is that she needs to make a good first impression.

Imagine if this was a reality show. How do you think my family and my girlfriend's reactions would play out on TV? Would the audience side with me, understanding the family dynamics, or would they see me as a villain for pushing her into such a sexist tradition?

Balancing Education Funds: Am I Being Fair to My Kids?
Children's education

I have two kids with my wife. When they were young, my parents generously set up education funds for both of them.

My wife and I always expected our kids to go to college and then grad school, just like we did. I have a PhD and my wife has a master’s degree. Because of this, we decided not to use the funds for their undergrad degrees and didn’t tell them about the money.

My daughter has always been into liberal arts, while my son is more of a STEM guy. We worried about her job prospects, but she insisted on studying music and film in college. She got into some top schools and chose an expensive one, but she had scholarships covering almost all tuition. Everything else, plus living expenses, was her responsibility. She lived in a tiny apartment shared with friends in a rough area far from campus, but she managed and learned to budget effectively. After graduating, she found a job she enjoys, though it doesn’t pay much, and gave up on grad school.

My son decided on engineering and also didn’t want to go to grad school. We were disappointed but accepted it since he’s lined up for a great job after school. He didn’t get as many scholarships as his sister, so we used his education fund for his tuition and living expenses. He got a large, nice apartment close to school, which is important given his demanding classes.

My daughter was confused about how he could afford this and he told her about the education fund. She called us, upset, asking why she didn’t get one. We told her she did, but we saved it hoping she’d go to grad school. She seemed hurt and asked if she could have the money now. We explained there’d be a fee to withdraw the money for non-education uses, and if we did that, it would go back to her grandparents for their use. Since then, she’s been short in her texts and hasn’t answered our calls. I know it seems unfair to her, but it’s not really her money and she’s not in college anymore. Her brother got it for educational purposes only. Am I wrong?

How would people react if this situation was on a reality show? Would viewers side with my daughter or understand my perspective and the importance of using the funds as intended?

Disagreement Over Holiday Use for House Renovation Project
House renovation

My Partner and I Disagreed About Our House Renovation Project

So my partner and I disagreed about me asking him to take time off for our house renovation project. I suggested he use some of his holiday for a garden project so we could get a big proportion of it done in one go. He said no, his holiday was his time to do what he wanted and it wasn't fair for me to ask him to use it for the house renovations as he has less holidays than me. I said maybe he could just use 1 or 2 days and he said he would not compromise on this and wanted to do the project over several weekends instead.

As I have school holidays off, I said I would not be comprising either and would be getting the work done in my holidays and not just on the weekends as I wanted it to be done sooner.

He said that was not fair as he wanted to be just as involved in the project as me and accused me of threatening to do the work without him and not respecting his choice to save his holidays for things he likes doing more. He also said I could do other projects to which I replied that I just end up doing the rubbish jobs that he doesn't want to do because I have more holidays than him.

If we were in a reality show, I wonder how people would react to this situation. Would they side with me, or would they think I'm being unreasonable? It's so easy for others to judge when they're not in the same position.

Am I Wrong for Not Letting My Buddy Change Our Website?

So my buddy and I came up with this idea. Well, it was mostly his idea, and he's more knowledgeable in that field than I am. But since I'm a good coder, he needed me to handle the coding part. I bought the domain, and he was supposed to create the website. I gave him the login details, but weeks went by, and the site was untouched. I thought the idea fizzled out, and we both got busy with our own stuff—he had work, and I was traveling.

Months later, I noticed the domain just sitting there. On a whim, I decided to work on the website and bring the idea to life. After months of effort, the site started gaining traction and making sales.

It now brings in a decent monthly income.

Recently, I told my buddy about it because I wanted to involve him in a campaign with a customer and maybe offer a split of the campaign profits. Now he wants to make changes to the website, adjust prices, and add his knowledge to improve it.

I'm feeling conflicted because I put in a lot of effort and went through trial and error to build the business. He argues that it was his idea and his suggestion to buy the domain, which is true.

Am I wrong for not wanting to go along with his changes?

I offered to create a new site with him where we can implement his ideas on pricing and design, but he's insistent on modifying the current site.

Now, I wonder how people would react if this were happening on a reality show. Would they see me as the bad guy, or would they understand my side of the story?

Is My New Sugar Parent's Request a Red Flag?
Banking issues

Hi everyone. I (28m) met an intriguing person (45?, I'll call them Jo) a few days ago who proposed a sugar parent (SP) relationship, with me as the sugar baby. I thought, why not, and agreed. I didn't know much about these relationships, and I still don't, so I let them take the lead.

So, Jo asked me to download a banking app. After checking it out, it seemed fine, so I set up an account. Then, Jo asked for my login and password. I'm not comfortable with that and told Jo as much. When I asked why, Jo said they wanted to use it for trade. That raised some red flags for me, and I told Jo. They explained it was meant to be a safe account for trades "off the radar." But that account had my personal details, like my SSN.

I told Jo I wasn't comfortable with that and suggested using my Venmo QR code instead. Jo said if I couldn't do this, I shouldn't worry about doing anything else. I pointed out that asking for such details is a lot, even for people who've been dating for years, let alone two people who just met. I felt their request seemed financially abusive.

Jo accused me of not knowing what trust is and said I needed to take a leap of faith. But I'm an atheist, and leaps of faith aren't my thing. I told Jo their behavior could be seen as financially abusive and that others wouldn't take it kindly. Jo ended the conversation, and now I'm not sure if I hurt Jo's feelings or caught them in a scam.

If this was on a reality show, how would people react? Would they think I was being overly cautious or see Jo's behavior as suspicious?

So, am I right for not wanting to share my banking information with Jo? Anyone with experience or general knowledge of SP relationships, please share your thoughts.

Retail Gossip Drama: Enjoying a Toxic Work Environment

So, I'm a 31-year-old guy working in retail with a lot of women, and they love to gossip. They knew my name, age, and what I looked like before I even introduced myself. There are also many gay men working with us, so their topics aren't really my thing. Plus, most of them are either much older or younger than me, making it tough to start a convo. So, I just keep to myself and work.

One day, a coworker shouted my name across the store and demanded to know why I didn't talk to anyone. I laughed and asked what we would even talk about. I explained the demographic situation and mentioned I'm married, so I don't feel the need to force conversations. She was almost offended but admitted my reasoning made sense. She suggested I say hi more often, and I agreed.

I started greeting people more, but then everyone began avoiding me. They even grouped up for breaks, leaving me to manage the store alone. It was overwhelming. Later, I overheard some coworkers speaking Spanish (which I understand a bit) and they called me mean, aggressive, and judgmental.

So now, I'm back to not saying hi, but the rumors about me are getting worse.

Am I mean? Am I wrong here?

I can't help but wonder, what if this situation was on a reality show? How would people react to my behavior? Would they understand my perspective, or would they side with my coworkers?

Struggling to Set Boundaries as a Single Mom and Friend

I am a single mother of two kids (6 months and 5 years). I chose to be a single mother (my kids are donor conceived).

I’m lucky enough to have a good job as a French teacher in a private school, and I have a paid-off house thanks to my parents' life insurance and inheritance.

Before having my kids, I saved a year’s worth of living expenses so I could take a sabbatical to recover from birth and bond with them. While on sabbatical, I still tutor some kids for extra income.

My friend (34F) just had a baby 2 months ago. She is the breadwinner in her household, and her husband has been unemployed since he was laid off during COVID.

It was great to be pregnant at the same time as my friend and have someone with a newborn, but things have turned sour.

She’s been saying how jealous she is of me being able to take a whole year off work, how she wishes she didn’t have to worry about losing their home, and how she doesn’t even have a couple hundred dollars in savings, let alone a year’s worth of living expenses.

I usually ignore it or brush it off because I kind of understand the stress she’s under.

About 10 days ago, she started hinting that she can’t afford daycare, and any mention of her husband taking care of their kid is brushed off. She then started remarking on how much free time I must have, which I deflected by saying truthfully that being a single mom to a baby and a small kid leaves me no free time.

Last night, she finally asked if I could “do her a favor” and watch her kid while she’s at work. I was firm but polite when I said that I couldn’t; I am not capable of watching two kids under 6 months.

She started almost begging me, saying she can’t afford daycare and if she doesn’t go back to work, she’ll lose her job and they’ll end up homeless. I brought up her husband again, and she said he wasn’t good with kids and isn’t capable of taking care of their kid.

I kept saying no, she kept pushing until it escalated to her calling me heartless, and me telling her that it’s not my problem she chose to have a kid with a useless man.

Now she’s blocked me, and I feel very guilty about what I said. I feel like shit.

If this situation happened on a reality show, I wonder how the audience would react. Would they think I was being too harsh, or would they understand my point of view? Would my friend be seen as sympathetic, or would people criticize her for her choices and the position she’s put herself in?

Neighbor Cuts Trees, Leaves Mess: Was I Wrong to Throw It Back?
Neighbor disputes

One day, our neighbor came over and mentioned he was thinking about trimming the trees between our properties since they mostly grew on his side. I was a bit surprised but told him that the trees were fine on our side. We liked the greenery and had a few families of cardinals living in the trees and bushes. I thanked him for bringing it up and he assured me that he’d trim them lightly. I emphasized that he didn't need to trim our side at all.

I thought I was saving my neighbor some money and trouble by not worrying about our side of the trees.

A week later, we came home to find the trees along our property line completely butchered. He had cut every bit of green off those poor trees. Now we have a clear view of his messy backyard, and we've lost the sound barrier for when he’s out there playing (badly) the guitar. The cardinals are gone; they probably found new nests elsewhere. To make things worse, our neighbor hired his friend’s kids to do the trimming, and they left a huge pile of branches and debris in our yard. Our neighbor knows we are recovering from a fire and lack the tools and vehicle to clean up the mess ourselves—nor should we have to.

He left our yard a mess and didn’t even offer to clean it up. It stayed that way for three weeks.

When the leaves started falling, I went out to rake. I'll admit I was PMSing and this is a bit immature, but each branch that was too big to fit in my leaf bag, I just tossed right over what was left of our living fence and back into his yard.

Yesterday, the neighbor texted my husband asking if we threw the branches over and complaining that he hurt his back and can’t get out there to pick them up. My husband got flustered and lied about kids running through the yards. I say, "FUCK THAT, YES, I threw those branches back into his yard." I know I could have handled this better, but honestly, I was really pissed that he cut down all our greenery after we asked him to leave it and then left a huge mess for us to clean up. So the branches were fine to leave in OUR yard, but he couldn’t possibly clean them up if they are in HIS yard. Am I the only one seeing it this way? I hate that I put my husband in this position, but I think it’s best to be honest. Plus, I think I’m totally right! Am I wrong here?

I wonder how people would react if this situation was on a reality show. Would viewers think I overreacted or would they side with me, understanding my frustration and the mess our neighbor left us with?

My MIL's Preference for My Biological Son is Tearing Us Apart

My husband and I have two kids, a 5-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy. After a very traumatic birth with my elder one, I decided I wasn't ready to go through that again. But we still wanted more children, so five years ago we adopted. My mother-in-law cares for our family, but her preference for Malcolm is more than clear. She was furious when she heard I wouldn't be having another biological child and was instantly disapproving. After hearing we were going to adopt, her anger turned into rage. She screamed about how we didn't know the parentage of the child and might end up bringing in someone who would disgrace her lineage. My husband managed to calm her down. Thankfully, when she saw little Julia, it seemed like this was all behind us.

Yesterday, MIL decided to visit us. My husband was away on a trip, so she was just helping around. I was exhausted, so I asked if I could go down for a nap, and she agreed. After a few hours, she woke me up and informed me that she was about to leave. All was good, I was cooking in the kitchen, and suddenly I heard a loud bang followed by Julia crying. When I rushed into the hall, I saw Malcolm towering over her. "You're not real! All of this is mine!" he started screaming. It was incredibly confusing, to say the least.

After calming them down, I asked Malcolm what he meant. He revealed that Grandma Muriel had told him that he was "mommy and daddy's real son." This made me incredibly mad. I asked him what else Grandma had told him, and he shared how she had been telling him that Julia wasn't really his sister and how he should get extra attention for being "extra special." She'd also said he would always be her favorite grandson and more.

Blinded with rage, I blocked Muriel on everything after sending her a text detailing her actions and how this was absolutely unacceptable. I told her she'd never see her grandkids again until they're much older and understand the situation so they wouldn't be swayed by her words. I probably overreacted, to be fair; she is quite an old lady.

After my husband returned, we had quite the argument. To say the least, he disagreed. He adores his mother and told me that stopping her from seeing the kids is inhumane. He said she's simply old-fashioned and didn't know her words would have such a big impact. We will be having a civil discussion about this later.

Honestly, I sometimes wonder what would happen if our family was on a reality show. Can you imagine the drama? Everyone would have an opinion on whether I was too harsh or if my MIL was way out of line. The whole world would be weighing in on our family issues, and the public's reaction would probably be even more intense than what we're dealing with now.

Navigating Fertility: Science vs. Alternative Remedies
Alternative medicine

My wife and I have been trying to conceive for over a year with no success. Our chances aren't great, so we're looking into costly alternatives.

As a scientist and engineer, I am naturally skeptical of unproven methods. I despise scams, especially in the realm of health, because they exploit vulnerable people. I trust conventional medicine and evidence-based practices, so we're sticking with those.

My wife, desperate to get pregnant, has friends urging her to try alternative medicine like acupuncture and herbal remedies. These options are expensive but still within our budget (though costs can escalate as they hook you in). There's no solid evidence that these methods work beyond the placebo effect. Some even seem like faith-based practices or outright scams.

I can't accept anything that lacks a scientific basis, something that can be proven or disproven. However, I also can't force my wife to think like a scientist. She believes that trying her friends' suggestions might make her feel more hopeful about our efforts.

I've advised her not to spend too much on these alternatives and explained that I think they're exploiting her desperation. She admits she's uncertain about them but feels they might offer hope. I told her that our very expensive fertility specialists provide us with plenty of hope. I said she can do what she wants and spend what she feels is right but asked her to be honest with me about it. I also mentioned I’d be disappointed if she fell victim to a scam.

Now, imagine if we were on a reality show, dealing with all this in front of cameras. How would viewers react to our different approaches to this sensitive issue? Would they sympathize with my rational stance or her emotional struggle?

Ex-Wife's Life Coach Drama: Laughable or Legitimate?
Life coach

We've been divorced for a while now, and we only interact because of the kids. The less I have to deal with her, the better. She's always been full of drama and negativity. Recently, she's been acting differently. She says it's because she's been seeing a "life coach" or something like that. I guess that's just another term for an unlicensed therapist lol. I couldn't care less.

Last week, she called me and asked if I would join her for sessions with this life coach. Oh, and she had the life coach on the call too. I tried not to laugh. It felt like a bad joke. Obviously, I don't believe in that nonsense. She claimed she had "unresolved trauma" that she needed to work through with me so she could become the person she was meant to be.

I started laughing.

I told her if she wanted to waste her time with quacks, that was her choice. But she should leave me and our kids out of it.

Her life coach said I was being "aggressive," so I told her she was just one step above a phone psychic and should be ashamed of herself for preying on lonely, bored women.

Then I hung up.

I sometimes wonder how people would react if this was all on a reality show. Would they see the absurdity of it, or think I'm the bad guy here? The drama would be off the charts, that's for sure.

D&D Character Name Sparks Religious Conflict Among Friends

I regularly play Dungeons & Dragons with a group of five, counting myself. There is the Dungeon Master and four players. I am friends with two other people outside D&D. With the other two, I have a friendly relationship that is limited to playing D&D. We've been playing for most of a year and have always gotten along.

I am Christian, and while my religion is very important to me, I do my best to be tolerant of other people and not to shove my religion down someone else's throat. I don't mention my religion to other people unless it comes up or they ask me. I can take jokes about my religion and personal beliefs, and do not consider myself uptight about it. I know that some Christians are very sensitive to parodies and the like, I either laugh or roll my eyes and move on. For example, while I avoid taking the Lord's name in vain, I don't really care if someone else does - it's their belief and choice.

Our group finished a short campaign and decided to start a new one, complete with new characters. We were all having fun making our characters, rolling, etc., until one of the players (we'll call him Ted) decided to name his character after the true, personal name of the Lord. If you don't know what that is, look up "The Tetragrammaton" or "HaShem" and you'll find out. I can't say it or type it here.

When I saw the name of Ted's character, I asked why he named it that, and he asked if I knew the true name of the Lord. I said I did, and said that the name offended me and asked him to change it. He laughed and said I was being too sensitive and that it was just a D&D character. I said that naming a character that goes against my religion and it was offensive to me, and I again asked him to change the name of the character.

The others got involved and after a few minutes of discussion, the others sided with Ted and told me to lighten up about it. One of them said that they didn't really care about Ted's character's name or my religion, but they wanted to get on with playing and that I needed to stop delaying the game. About a half hour later, we started playing, and for the rest of the night, I referred to Ted's character as "Ted's character," including when I was roleplaying and talking as my character. When I did that, the others rolled their eyes and the DM told me that this was stupid and shouldn't get in the way of roleplaying.

That was last week. Everyone else still thinks I'm in the wrong about this and making too big a deal of the whole thing. I don't want to cause trouble, but not only is it offensive to me for Ted to name his character that, my religion prohibits me from typing or saying the name of his character. AITA? Please help me figure out what to do. Other than this one incident, I've always thought Ted was a nice person, and we've gotten along fine.

If this had happened on a reality show, I wonder how viewers would react. Would they see my side of the story and understand my position, or would they think I'm overreacting like my friends do? Reality shows often highlight the drama, and I can't help but think this situation would be blown out of proportion, with people taking sides and debating the sensitivity of religious beliefs versus freedom in character creation.

Family Drama Over a Dream: Did I Handle It Poorly?
Spiritual journey

I was visiting my family for the weekend, and my great aunt was there too. It's been a while since I was last home, so everyone came to see me.

Aunt Molly said she had a special spiritual dream where a guardian angel told her about an old neighbor from her childhood. She checked with a few people and found out there really was such a neighbor back in the day. She claimed this was some sort of miracle.

I was smiling the whole time. She asked why I seemed skeptical. I told her I believed she dreamed it, but it was probably because the old memory was in her subconscious and resurfaced in her dream. It wasn't a supernatural miracle, just her brain doing its thing.

She got mad and told me I needed to repent and find God in my heart again. I didn’t respond to that. Later, my mother said I caused a stir in the family and that my comment hurt Aunt Molly. Now everyone is upset with me. Did I do something wrong?

Imagine if this happened on a reality show. The drama would be off the charts! People would be taking sides, and there'd be endless discussions about faith, dreams, and subconscious memories. How do you think the viewers would react to my comment?

Conflicting Music Tastes Create Tension in Relationship
Music and arts

My husband Josh and I usually see eye-to-eye on most things, except when it comes to our taste in art (music, television, movies, visual art, etc.).

For context, he’s a huge fan of Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Radiohead, and a bunch of modern classical composers. Almost anything you’d call "pop" from the 90s onwards he despises, often ranting that nobody knows how to craft a decent song anymore.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal - everyone has their own preferences, right? But we’ve been together for seven years, and this has been a point of contention since day one. The latest incident happened last night on our drive home.

I adore Prince, but I don’t think everything he’s done is fantastic. When "Diamonds and Pearls" came on the radio, I groaned and muttered, "Great, one of my least favorite Prince songs." Josh commented that, in his opinion, this is one of Prince’s "more intriguing" tracks. I replied that while it might be intriguing, I find it kind of atonal and odd. Immediately after that, Justin Bieber’s "Love Yourself" played. I mentioned that even though the song is simpler, I enjoy it more because it has one of those timeless melodies that feels like it’s always existed, even though it was just recorded a few years ago. To support my point, I said it often gets stuck in my head and I end up humming it all day.

He argued that a song can be catchy without being "good" and that complexity and interesting composition matter more to him. I countered that complexity doesn’t necessarily make something better and that it's impossible to be objective about what makes for "good" art or music... and we went back and forth. Then he said something like, "a more sophisticated listener can hear and appreciate complexity."

He equates appreciation of complexity with "sophistication" in the listener, implying that if I (or anyone) were smart or educated enough, we’d appreciate the same things he does. Essentially, I'm just not sophisticated enough to "get" what good music is. I found this offensive and elitist, and I told him so. He said I’m too sensitive and that it’s no different from someone not being able to appreciate a poem if they don’t understand the language it's written in.

I asked Josh if he understood why I took issue with his attitude, and he said that he can’t help it if I don’t like the way he thinks about it. If I don’t want to hear his opinions on the matter, we’ll just have to avoid talking about it in the future, like we’ve been doing all these years.

Sometimes I wonder how this whole scenario would unfold if we were on a reality show. Would people side with me or him? How dramatic would it be to watch our arguments on screen?

Have I done wrong?

Revealing My Girlfriend's Beliefs to Her Mom: Did I Overstep?

My girlfriend grew up in a deeply religious family, but around two years ago, she began having doubts. It's not that she despises the religion; she just felt it wasn’t right for her. We met a year and a half ago, and have been together for a year now. When we first met, she was still unsure, but about five months ago, she confirmed she was agnostic. She hadn’t told her parents because she wanted to be absolutely certain.

Earlier this week, we were out and bumped into her mom. She approached us and started a conversation, asking who I was since we hadn’t met before. My girlfriend hesitated, so I stepped in and introduced myself as her boyfriend and mentioned that she was no longer following their religion. Both my girlfriend and her mom were taken aback. My girlfriend asked why I revealed that information. I told her that since she had decided long ago that she wasn’t Muslim anymore and we’d been together for so long, there was no need to keep it a secret any longer.

My girlfriend and her mom walked away to talk. Her mom was shocked but said she’d come to terms with it and was just glad that my girlfriend was happy. I thought it all went well.

However, later my girlfriend messaged me saying I overstepped and it wasn’t my place to share that information. She planned to tell her parents in private when she felt ready. I argued that things turned out okay. She called me an asshole and said I betrayed her trust. Her siblings and friends, who already knew, also messaged me, accusing me of not knowing when to keep quiet.

So, even though things seemed to turn out fine... Did I mess up?

I sometimes wonder how people would react if this happened on a reality show. Would they see me as the villain for speaking up or think it was justifiable given the situation? The drama would definitely be intense.