Disagreement Over Holiday Use for House Renovation Project

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Sunday, 02 June 2024
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My Partner and I Disagreed About Our House Renovation Project

So my partner and I disagreed about me asking him to take time off for our house renovation project. I suggested he use some of his holiday for a garden project so we could get a big proportion of it done in one go. He said no, his holiday was his time to do what he wanted and it wasn't fair for me to ask him to use it for the house renovations as he has less holidays than me. I said maybe he could just use 1 or 2 days and he said he would not compromise on this and wanted to do the project over several weekends instead.

As I have school holidays off, I said I would not be comprising either and would be getting the work done in my holidays and not just on the weekends as I wanted it to be done sooner.

He said that was not fair as he wanted to be just as involved in the project as me and accused me of threatening to do the work without him and not respecting his choice to save his holidays for things he likes doing more. He also said I could do other projects to which I replied that I just end up doing the rubbish jobs that he doesn't want to do because I have more holidays than him.

If we were in a reality show, I wonder how people would react to this situation. Would they side with me, or would they think I'm being unreasonable? It's so easy for others to judge when they're not in the same position.

Am I wrong for wanting my partner to use his holiday for our house renovation?
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1mo ago

honestly, i think both of you have valid points. relationships are all about compromise, tho.

1mo ago

It's not fair to expect him to give up his limited holidays. Maybe hire some help?

1mo ago

wow, if this was on TV, ppl would be split 50/50 on who's right 😂

1mo ago

you're not the wro,g! He should totally help out more. 🏠

1mo ago

I agree, teamwork makes the dream work!

1mo ago

But holidays are for relaxing too. Maybe a balance?

1mo ago

Maybe do the big stuff together on weekends and you do the small stuff during your holidays?

1mo ago

he should at least consider using a day or two. it's a shared home, after all.

1mo ago

LOL, this sounds like an episode of a home renovation reality show. So much drama! 🛠️

1mo ago

Totally, can picture the dramatic music already!

1mo ago

Would love to see the final reveal!

1mo ago

...teamwork is key. Find a compromise that works for both.

1mo ago

don't think you're completly wrong, but communication is key. Have a proper chat with him.

1mo ago

Oh yes, I agree... renovations are stressful. Maybe plan it out better so neither of you feel overwhelmed.

1mo ago

Oh, for fuck's sake...

1mo ago

This whole situation seems kinda wild 🤔. Honestly, expecting your partner to use up their hard-earned holiday time for a renovation project is a bit much. It's like asking someone to share their ice cream cone but only giving them the cone, y'know? Everyone needs their chill time, especially if they got less vacation days than you. Trying to push them into DIY when they're not feeling it ain't cool. Maybe give them a break and tackle this reno project together on weekends like a dream team? Just sayin', compromising ain't a one-way street 🚧✨.

1mo ago

The situation you're describing seems to be quite challenging. Wanting to get your house renovation project completed efficiently and within a specific timeframe is totally understandable. However, expecting your partner to sacrifice their holiday time for it might not be the most practical approach. It's crucial to find a balance that works for both of you. Tackling the project together on weekends could be a great compromise. Remember, team effort is key to success in any home improvement project! 🏡

1mo ago

Whoa, seems like you and your partner are in a real pickle with this house renovation dilemma! 🏡💥 It's totally valid that you want to get things done quickly, especially when you've got the time during your school holidays. Finding a compromise that works for both of you is key. Maybe consider brainstorming new ways to tackle the project that align with both your schedules. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️ Hopefully, you two can come to a solution that satisfies both parties and gets that renovation rocking!