Delivery problems frustrate everyone. Read about lost packages, late deliveries, and other shipping mishaps.

Dilemma Over a Misdelivered Package: Keep or Return?
Delivery problems

Recently, I encountered quite the unexpected scenario at my doorstep—a hefty package awkwardly perched right outside our apartment. It must have weighed between 30 and 40 pounds. Given my disability and the fact that my husband is currently recovering from a shoulder operation, maneuvering this parcel was going to be no easy feat. We would need to lug it upstairs, across our complex, and then down another flight of stairs to correct the delivery blunder. And all of this hassle for a mere letter? Definitely.

Upon closer examination, the package bore the logo of a well-known brand. A scan of the exposed barcodes revealed that it contained precisely the item I'd been dreaming of—in my preferred color and style, no less. The thing's worth at least $400.

This package, mistakenly left at my door, was dispatched by a major private shipping company on behalf of a renowned big box retailer.

It's clear that the intended recipient has all the rights to claim this item. My home security camera, which recorded the delivery, showed that a photo was taken upon drop-off, proving conclusively that this package was not delivered to the correct address.

One can't help but wonder what would happen if I choose to keep this delivery. Really, what would the reaction be if all of this were unfolding under the watchful eyes of a reality TV audience? Imagine the live comments and speculation flying all over social media, dissecting every possible ethical consideration and predicting my next move!

Does this make me an unethical person if I decide to claim the item as my own?

Thanksgiving Pizza Delivery Nightmare: 3-Hour Wait and No Apology
Delivery problems

Tonight, I ordered food from a local pizzeria through Grubhub. The place is only a 10-minute drive from my home. Grubhub estimated the delivery time to be 45-50 minutes.

After waiting for 1.5 hours, my food still hadn't arrived. I called the pizzeria to check if the order had left. I was worried I might have missed the driver since my doorbell is broken and he might not have a phone. The guy who answered said the driver was on his way.

Another half hour went by (2 hours after ordering), and I called again. This time, a woman answered. She mentioned they were very busy and that the driver had left with three orders, but she didn't apologize.

I waited another half hour (2.5 hours after ordering) and called again. By now, the pizzeria was closing in 20 minutes. I called 16 times with no answer. At one point, someone picked up and immediately hung up, probably because the phone was ringing nonstop and there was no answering machine. Eventually, they must have taken the phone off the hook because I got a busy signal until 11 p.m. when they closed.

I felt they owed me an explanation. If you know there's a late order still undelivered, you shouldn't close up shop. They should have at least reassured me that my food was coming, maybe by having the driver call me.

Finally, I gave up hope and canceled my order through Grubhub. I ordered food from another place.

Three hours after I placed the original order, and after I had already canceled and ordered elsewhere, the driver called to say he was outside. I told him I didn't want it because it was late and probably cold (plus, I had already ordered elsewhere and canceled this order).

I'm really mad at this pizzeria and won't go there again. I get they might have been busy because of the holiday, but 3 hours is just ridiculous (especially when they said the driver had left after 1.5 hours). Are they wrong, or am I?

Imagine if this happened on a reality show! How do you think people would react to such a situation? Would they side with me, or would they think I was overreacting? Reality shows always bring out strong opinions, and I wonder what the audience would say about this ordeal.