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Dating and Debates: A Question of Money and Trust
Banking issues

I've been dating my boyfriend, a charming man of 37 years old and a dedicated single father of three, for about 8 months now. Though we've managed to juggle our different schedules and parenting duties quite amicably so far, money has occasionally become a point of contention between us. We usually go on dates where one of us treats the other each week without any hassle. However, once in a while, he would ask me to cover some small expenses for his kids, usually ranging between $30 to $60, which I didn't mind.

Just recently, he rang me up while I was busy at work, desperate to discuss something urgent. Apparently, he had stumbled upon a gaming console he had been trying to find for a long time for his eldest child. Eager to grab it before anyone else, he quickly realized his funds fell short by $300 and turned to me for help. I was taken aback by his sudden request for a relatively hefty sum and became even more uneasy when he persistently asked for my bank account details so he could transfer the money immediately. His pressing demand felt unsettling, prompting me to decline sharing my bank information and suggesting instead that he waits until I could handle the transaction myself. Unfortunately, his frustration grew, and he couldn't comprehend my hesitation, ultimately leading to a heated argument over the phone that ended with me hanging up.

When I got home, I found him waiting outside, visibly angry. The situation escalated as he confronted me about why I hadn't just sent him the bank account details to facilitate the transaction. I tried explaining my discomfort with sharing such sensitive personal information, especially under pressure. In his anger, he couldn't see my point and shouted about how I was more than just anybody to him; I was his partner. He expressed his disappointment over not getting the console and blamed me for his child's upset mood. The day ended with him storming off, demanding I apologize to both him and his son the next time I reached out. I haven't called yet, but I'm second-guessing myself, wondering if perhaps I should have been more cooperative.

Imagine if all of this unfolded on a reality TV show. The cameras capturing every frustrated expression and angry outburst, viewers probably split in their reactions. Some might empathize with my reservations about financial security, while others might critique me for not being more supportive of my boyfriend in his time of need. The drama sure would have viewers on the edge of their seats, discussing and debating our every move!

Should I have just given him the bank details he asked for?

Is My New Sugar Parent's Request a Red Flag?
Banking issues

Hi everyone. I (28m) met an intriguing person (45?, I'll call them Jo) a few days ago who proposed a sugar parent (SP) relationship, with me as the sugar baby. I thought, why not, and agreed. I didn't know much about these relationships, and I still don't, so I let them take the lead.

So, Jo asked me to download a banking app. After checking it out, it seemed fine, so I set up an account. Then, Jo asked for my login and password. I'm not comfortable with that and told Jo as much. When I asked why, Jo said they wanted to use it for trade. That raised some red flags for me, and I told Jo. They explained it was meant to be a safe account for trades "off the radar." But that account had my personal details, like my SSN.

I told Jo I wasn't comfortable with that and suggested using my Venmo QR code instead. Jo said if I couldn't do this, I shouldn't worry about doing anything else. I pointed out that asking for such details is a lot, even for people who've been dating for years, let alone two people who just met. I felt their request seemed financially abusive.

Jo accused me of not knowing what trust is and said I needed to take a leap of faith. But I'm an atheist, and leaps of faith aren't my thing. I told Jo their behavior could be seen as financially abusive and that others wouldn't take it kindly. Jo ended the conversation, and now I'm not sure if I hurt Jo's feelings or caught them in a scam.

If this was on a reality show, how would people react? Would they think I was being overly cautious or see Jo's behavior as suspicious?

So, am I right for not wanting to share my banking information with Jo? Anyone with experience or general knowledge of SP relationships, please share your thoughts.