Public transport issues can ruin a day. Discover tales of delays, overcrowded buses, and other transit troubles.

Late Night Debate: Taxi or Public Transport?
Public transport issues

Recently, my partner, Tom and I enjoyed a night out and when it was time to head back, I proposed that we grab a taxi. The fare was about £20, which seemed reasonable to me for a quick and safe return within 20 minutes. Surprisingly, Tom disagreed, suggesting that it was extravagant and insisted that we opt for public transportation instead. The bus or train would not only take over an hour but traveling so late could also expose us to unnecessary risks. This sparked a bit of a row between us as I accused him of being overly frugal. His stance felt a bit overly cautious about spending, but am I being too dismissive of his concerns? Isn't it reasonable to prioritize quick and safe travel especially late at night?

Adding to this, imagine if our little disagreement was featured on a reality show, where every move and decision faces public scrutiny. How might viewers react? Would they side with Tom, praising his thriftiness as a virtue, or might they support my point of view, seeing my insistence on taking a cab as a reasonable concern for safety and convenience? The additional pressure and possibly judgmental eyes of an audience could have intensified our discussion, making it an even larger spectacle. Reality shows thrive on these everyday dilemmas, blowing them up for dramatic effect. But beyond the cameras, these are the real discussions that many couples face.

I am really curious to see what others think about this common dispute between practicality and security. Is not wanting to navigate the late-night public transit system making me too demanding, or is my concern valid? Would love some input on this!

Bus Blues: A Simple Seat Request Turns Sour
Public transport issues

I usually take a bus that's pretty empty from work to university in the afternoons, with plenty of vacant rows; it's rarely ever half full.

I carry my things in a lightweight linen bag, and since I don't fancy putting it on the floor or gripping it on my lap the entire trip, I usually place it on the adjacent seat. Given the usual surplus of free space, I find it convenient.

However, yesterday, this woman boarded and immediately frowned upon seeing my setup. She gestured emphatically for me to clear the seat beside me. It seemed unnecessary because there were numerous other open seats she could have chosen, not right next to me and not even in a special needs area. But I'm not one for confrontation, so I moved my bag, albeit with a quiet eye roll and sigh—chalk it up to post-work exhaustion and a bit of annoyance over her seating choice given the empty options.

Her response caught me off guard as she criticized, “You need to learn some manners.” This prompted me to shift to another seat in silent frustration.

I've been mulling over this interaction. Did she choose to sit next to me just to make a point? Her comment has been gnawing at me.

Imagine if this entire situation unfolded on a reality show. Likely, the cameras would zoom in for close-ups of our expressions and maybe even cue suspenseful background music during the seat-switching scene. The episode might even prompt audience polls like, “Was the seat dispute handled well?” or include dramatic confessionals where each of us explains our side of the story to rile up viewer opinions.

How should I have reacted if I was in a reality show during the bus incident?

Bus Driver's Break Leaves Passenger Out in the Cold
Public transport issues

It's winter, and I'm on my way to work using the local bus. My stop is at the end of the route, so buses usually stop for about 5-10 minutes before continuing.

I approached the bus and found the entry door shut. I knocked lightly to let the driver know I was there. He opened the door and said, "I'm on my break," then closed it again.

I stood there, baffled, trying to understand what just happened. So, fine, I'll wait. Five minutes later, I'm still outside in the freezing cold. I knocked again, normally, but the driver ignored me. I knocked once more, and he finally opened the door, saying, "Why are you being so rude? Can't you see I'm on my break?" I replied, "Man, it's cold. What's wrong with letting me in? You just need to push a button."

He let me in after that. It was the first time this happened in my six years of using public transport. Normally, the buses have the doors open for people to get on.

Looking back, it's really silly, but I wanted to share for a laugh. If this happened on a reality show, I wonder how people would react. Would they think I was the jerk or sympathize with me standing out in the cold?

Did I do something wrong?